10 Easy Snacks to Help You Gain Healthy Weight

Anyone who struggles to gain weight knows that knowing what foods to eat and how much to eat is the hardest part. Sure workouts are important, but not as important as what you put in your body. Food is fuel. And without the right fuel, you’re just not going to grow.

In the beginning, when I first tried to gain weight I didn’t pay attention to how much I was eating and what I was eating. I thought that eating 3 meals a day was enough for me to grow. I mean, I ate till I was satisfied and I was rarely hungry. But it turns out I wasn’t eating nearly as much as I thought. 

I was only eating about 1800 calories at the time, and all that did was maintain my 108 lbs. If I wanted to gain weight and grow I either had to eat bigger meals, which was hard enough already, or learn how to eat multiple snacks in between meals. 

Honestly, I’m not the type of person that likes to snack. I typically eat when I’m hungry and chill when I’m not. But in this case, I had a goal. So I went for it. I figured out what snacks I liked and what I didn’t. I started to put my own combinations together instead of only buying snacks at the grocery store. 

And I stayed away from the low calories snacks. Instead I learned how to maximize the number of calories in my snacks without compromising on taste or the health factor. Junk food and sweets were not a part of the plan. And they shouldn’t be a part of your plan either.

So if you’re looking for new ideas on snacks to eat during your weight gain journey, here are a few of my favorites and then some that you should try. If you want to know more about foods that’ll help you gain weight and Frequently Asked Questions read Healthy High Calorie Meals to Help You Gain Weight.

10 Easy Snacks to Help You Gain Healthy Weight

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Granola Bars / Breakfast bars

These were my go – to’s when it came to on the go snacking. They’re easy to carry and packaged individually so you can just pack a couple in your bag or purse for the day, and eat them whenever. A couple of my favorite brands are Quaker Chewy granola bars and Belvita breakfast biscuits.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit

It took a little while for Greek yogurt to grow on me but once it did, it became a snack went for often. A cup of Chobani greek yogurt with a handful of berries and even some granola on top makes a great homemade parfait.

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are great if you’re just too stuffed to eat. You can casually drink your smoothie to get a few extra calories in. All you really need is a blender. Throw in a cup of frozen fruit, a cup of milk and you can even add a scoop of protein like vanilla ice cream Syntha6. For my smoothies I like to add a banana for an extra 100 calories.

Eggos and Nut Butter

Now I know this sounds crazy but hear me out. This isn’t the healthiest snack but it tastes so good and gives good energy before a workout. Simply put a couple of Eggo homestyle waffles in the toaster or oven for a couple of minutes. Take them out and add a layer of any nut butter on top! It’s a good source of protein and tastes better than regular peanut butter toast.


Apple Slice Cookies

I’m not sure if this is the proper name for them but either way, they’re a simple snack that’s quick to make. There’s no baking involved even though there’s “cookie” in the name. All you do is vertically slice an apple of your choice, so that the slices are round and flat like a cookie. Then you put a layer of nut butter like PB&Co White Chocolate Peanut Butter on top of the slices, and add whatever toppings you want. Chocolate chips. Pretzel bits. Raisins. Cinnamon. Make it yours.

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No Bake Energy Bites

These energy bites are super popular and make a great snack. And I can’t take credit for this idea. The best energy bite recipes that I’ve found are created by Ali from Give Me Some Oven. If you want the full energy bite recipe read the post here.

Hummus and Crackers

Have you ever tried a roasted red pepper hummus? If not, you’re missing out on a mouth full of savory flavor. Hummus isn’t my favorite snack but I enjoy almost anything with roasted red peppers and this is no exception. Some Cedar’s roasted red pepper hummus paired with some veggies or pita chips and you got yourself a great healthy and savory snack.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a classic and quick snack with a surprising amount of calories packed in. Just 1/2 a cup of the classic trail mix with M&M’s has over 300 calories. It’s an easy on-the-go snack that you can have anytime.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats aren’t just great for breakfast. They’re also a really good snack. I like to make my with strawberries and bananas for the two different textures. But there’s so many different combinations for overnight oats. Even with chocolate. You can meal prep a few in some mason jars and save them for later as a mid-day treat.

Snack Packs

If you’re in need of another on-the-go snack, snack packs are really great for that. Most of the packs like, Sargento’ s Balanced Breaks, come with a combination of nuts, dried fruit, and cheeses. But if you can’t really find a snack pack with everything that you like or if you’re looking for more bang for your buck, you can always create your own. Using a container with separators you can add whatever you want. Fruit, cheese, nuts, and maybe some dark chocolate chips or pretzels? The sky’s the limit.

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    1. Hey!! Consistency is key. If you want to gain weight, I know it’s hard but you can’t give up easily. Everyday you have to eat enough food for your body to gain weight. And take progress pictures every week to see changes.

  1. I’m so grateful for finding you! Thank you for so graciously offering to help others through your own experience. It’s by far the most helpful info I have read!

  2. You are the ONLY one I’ve found that gives advice on gaining weight for skinny girls. I’m 30 and still battling to put on weight! Your site has helped me so much and I really appreciate you for posting all of this great info. Nobody is worried about the skinny ones, but being underweight has its own health risks. The struggle is real …. For ANYONE working to change their weight.