11 Things Happy People Do Differently

I’m a positive energy junkie.

For years I’ve been experimenting with what it takes to be in a constant state of positivity. And what I’ve learned is that it’s just not possible to always be in a state of positivity unless you’re constantly working on yourself. You have to go out of your way to put yourself in a positive atmosphere. And even then, at some point you could find yourself surrounded by negative vibes wondering how you got there in the first place.

But it’s all a learning process right?

In the past I didn’t know how to deal with it. I would wallow in the negative energy, thinking it would just magically disappear and things would go back to normal without my effort. Not surprisingly it never worked. But then I started to read books on positive thinking, energy, and your emotional guidance system and decided to take a different approach.

Every time I found myself in a negative space or feeling emotions that just didn’t feel good I studied them. I studied “the feeling” of that energy. I journaled exactly how I felt in the moment and the thoughts that were going through my mind. Because I needed to be able to recognize the feeling and negative thoughts when they came again, so I could stop them once they did. Once I understood how to do that, I figured out what it takes to keep yourself surrounded by positive energy almost all of the time.

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But it wasn’t enough for me to know how to stop a negative sprial when it happens. I needed to know how to avoid the negative vibes altogether.

If you know how to avoid it in the first place, then you’ll have the real key to surrounding yourself with positive energy.

11 Things Happy People Do Differently

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  1. Pay attention to who you spend your time with. There are people that carry negative energy with them and, whether they realize it or not, they release that energy on the people they interact with. But you have control over what you allow into your space. So if you have to remove some friends or loved ones from your life to get rid of that energy then do it. If you have to let someone know that you don’t like the energy that they bring, let them know. Your well-being is more important than hurt feelings.
  2. Change the way you speak to yourself. You are amazing and you DO have something to offer to the world. Avoid talking down to yourself or about yourself. If you feel any self doubt, embarrassment, whatever it is, instead of focusing on those things focus on what you can do better. Focus on what you’re already capable of doing. Show gratitude to yourself.
  3. Repeat mantras and affirmations. Mantras and affirmations are my go to. So much so that I have a tattoo of my favorite and most needed affirmation on my hand. It’s almost like a positivity brainwash. Regularly speak mantras to yourself and the universe such as “I am enough,” or “I control what I allow into my space.” Even if you don’t believe it at the moment, the more you repeat it to yourself the more you will begin to believe it.
  4. Get outdoors. Connecting with nature can immediately make you feel happier. Take nature walks. When I feel like I need to breathe and recharge I love to sit by the lake near my house and just enjoy the space. Allow the beauty and fresh air to bring oxygen into your body and clear your mind.
  5. Spend time creating the life you want. Think about the life that you want to be living within the next couple of years. How do you want to live? What do you want to be doing? Where do you want to be living? Spend time creating your future while in a happy and positive state of mind to attract positive results.
  6. Keep a gratitude journal. I didn’t start keeping a gratitude journal until recently. I always thought it was silly but what I realized is that it forces you to think about what you’re grateful for. Even on the days that you’re upset or everything has gone completely wrong there’s always something to be grateful for or hope for or look forward to.
  7. Do a social media cleanse. Social media is what built my love for fitness. It’s also what almost destroyed it. The pressure to be a certain way all of the time and to keep up with the next person is just way too much. If you have any social media accounts stop following people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. Unfollow people who don’t inspire you or add positivity to your life. Even if those people are amazing, if they cause you to compare yourself in a negative way do yourself a favor and get rid of them.
  8. Focus on solutions not problems. Your mind is powerful. And what you give your attention to can affect how you feel and the energy you keep. Not only that but it can increase or prolong unnecessary stress too. When there’s something wrong don’t focus on the problem at hand but instead focus on how to fix it.
  9. Meditate regularly. Meditation is more than sitting down say “om.” It can help you clear your mind and just be present. Not worrying about the past or the future but just being in the moment. It connects your mind to your body and cleanses your energy. You can even use an aromatherapy diffuser like Monq diffusers to deepen your meditation practice.
  10.  Burn sage in your environment. Burning sage or “smudging” is a way to cleanse your aura and your living space of negative energy, and put you back in a space of balance, harmony, and peace.
  11. Take care of yourself. Take care of your body. Working out regularity releases endorphins and increases positive energy. Read, listen to podcasts, take baths, do yoga. Nourishing your mind and body can lower your stress and keep your mind at peace. When you’re well taken care of its much easier to resist any negative energy that you’re presented with.

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