20 Minute At Home Jump Rope Workout

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The gyms are finally open again and people are flocking back full force. But what 2020 made me realize is that I shouldn’t rely only on the gym to stay in shape. At home workouts have become super popular and if I’m being honest I’m not in a rush to get back to working out at a gym.

Instead, I’m looking at my life and the 24 hours that I have in a day more realistically.

I’d rather spend my time doing other things I love than driving back and forth to the gym. At home workouts have made my life so much easier. I can workout right when I roll out of bed, I don’t have to wait for equipment and it’s challenged me to explore different types of fitness and other ways to stay in shape that doesn’t include weights or a gym.

And that’s how I discovered how amazing jump roping can be.

Just a couple of months ago, jump roping was completely new to me other than the basics I learned as a child. Being able to have one piece of equipment that I can take anywhere and get a great workout is what drew me in. But being able to have fun while challenging myself is what made me fall in love with it.

Not to mention, it drastically increased my cardiovascular health and stamina. I slowly worked myself from struggling to do 5 minutes a day (and I really do mean 5 minutes because my heart was beating out of my chest) to doing 20 minute jump sessions with ease.

And now I finally feel comfortable enough to share some jump workouts with you all. So if you’ve never jump roped before, here’s my advice to you:

  • Make sure to stretch your legs before and after. It’s surprisingly easy to injure yourself.
  • Get a rope that you can adjust to your needs. I like my ropes to be about 2 feet taller than me.
  • Start slow with the basic jump and only try new footwork when you feel comfortable.
  • Jump and land on the balls of your feet.
  • Jump on a soft surface and wear supportive sneakers.
  • Try not to jump more that 10 minutes a day during the first week. You don’t want to over use your muscles and have to take a break for a couple of weeks.

And of course once you feel confident in your abilities you can start doing full jump rope workouts like this one.

20 Minute At Home Jump Rope Workout

With this jump rope workout you should be able to get 4 rounds done in less than 20 minutes with 5 minutes extra to freestyle your jumps and put the different skills together. Remember to wear supportive shoes and not overwork your muscles. If you’re interested in other 20 minute workouts, check them out here.

The moves:

  • 45 seconds basic jump (15 seconds rest)
  • 45 seconds heel toe taps (15 seconds rest)
  • 45 seconds alternating foot jumps (15 seconds rest)
  • 45 seconds southpaw jumps (15 seconds rest)

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