20 Minute No Equipment Leg Burner Workout

20 minute leg workout


Lately I’ve been enjoying my no equipment workouts almost as much as I enjoy using weights. I think it’s because now that I’m now staying somewhere that I don’t have access to weights, I really have to focus on contracting my muscles to get a good workout. If that sounds foreign to you don’t worry, that just means that in order to get the most out of body weight workouts, you really have to focus on the muscles that you are using. If you have dumbbells that you can add to this workout that’s even better because you can get even more of a contraction. But if not, don’t worry! The best part about this workout is that it’s simple, effective, and you can do it with no equipment at all. 

You should be able to get this done in 20 minutes or less, and if you want even more of a workout turn it into a circuit. If you have more time on your hands than 20 minutes you can do it in rounds. That means you can complete all of the exercises here, take a break and then do them again 1 – 2 more times. If you also want to try a full body workout check out my 20 Minute Full Body Travel Workout.

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