4 Ways to Drastically Improve your Mental Wellness

mental health smile

mental health smile


What I’ve learned to be more important than any fitness goal is being able to have a healthy mindset about your life and your body. So many people are focused on the exterior, like how they look and what people think of them. Wondering if they should wear an outfit because they don’t like how they look that day or wondering if they should post a picture that they know isn’t going to get as many likes.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think: In the grand scheme of things, does any of that really matter?

I used to care about those things too. If you didn’t know, my fitness goals all started out based on how I looked and other peoples opinions of me. It led to some deep insecurities. And because I didn’t understand that you can’t fix an issue from the outside in, I tried to change myself by changing the way I looked on the outside to be more appealing.

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And sure it gave me more confidence and made me feel better about myself but I still had the some of the same insecurities. And the one’s that I didn’t have anymore got replaced by new ones. My mindset hadn’t been changed and so no matter what I did I wasn’t satisfied.

But once I learned to heal from the inside out I was able to  live a much happier and fulfilling life. Fitness for me was no longer a thing focused on aesthetics. I wanted to move better. I wanted to be stronger. And be happy with all stages of where I am in my journey. I enjoyed how I looked but that was no longer my reason for working out.

Wellness became my reason and an important part of my journey, as I became less negative toward my body and more appreciative of how I look and what I am capable of. I’ve learned to put my energy towards taking care of not only my body but my mind as well. And with that, I’ve been able to grow so much more overall than I could before because I was no longer putting that negative energy out into the world.

Your mental health is important. If you learn anything from that story it’s not to neglect it. And incorporating these tips in your life will be such a simple task but the benefits of them are way more than you could imagine.

4 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Mental Wellness

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Practice Gratitude

Everyone wants to be great. They want to reach their goals and imagine what it’s like being there. But a lot of those people don’t appreciate where they are and who they are right now. There’s no gratitude and patience.

Things that give you anxiety or make you mad or stressed, hold no weight when you realize how small your problems are in the grand scheme of things. You’re healthy. And alive. You have food, a place to sleep. Access to the internet. And the ability to change your circumstances and your life if you want.

Practicing gratitude and putting things into perspective makes it much easier to brush off the negative events that happen from a day to day basis.

Try waking up everyday and thing of at least 5 things that you’re grateful for having.

Upgrade Your Social Circle

It’s important to surround yourself with people that push you to be better. People that inspire you and support you. The closest people to you aren’t always the ones that want the best for you. Make sure that, if your not happy with who you’re listening to, that you find someone else to listen to.

If it’s family members, take their opinions with a grain of salt. Try not to let their doubts become your doubts. If it’s your friends that don’t want the best for you, make some new friends. Or do like I do and get inspiration and motivation from people you look up to.

If your problem is the people you follow on social media it’s as simple as unfollowing them or blocking them. I made it a point to unfollow all of the females and fitness accounts that made me feel small or insecure about how I looked. Regardless of if they were nice people or not. I made sure to only follow people that I wouldn’t compare myself to. It’s been great for my mental wellness.

Practice Mindfulness

Practice being present and being aware of your mind and your body in that moment. Being aware of who you are and how you’re feeling in the present moment can greatly improve your mental wellness by removing any negative feelings or thoughts that may have been occurring in that moment, without you realizing.

There are so many thoughts that pass through our minds within a couple of minutes that it’s good practice to be aware and mindful of these thoughts. Acknowledging and letting negative thoughts go, allow more positive and productive thoughts to settle, and improve your mood and mental state.

Change Up Your Routine

Sometimes all you need to boost your mental wellness is to switch your routine a little. Give yourself a mental break. Take a Yoga class. Go for a hike to clear your mind. Even taking the time to have a brief meditation session to reset a couple of times a week is helpful. Do things that allow your body to move and your mind to be free.

One thing that I’ve done to change up my routine was to start journaling again. It was one of the best decisions I made in the past and it has continued to be useful even though I’m not as consistent with it as I’d like to be. It allos me to be still, get all of my thoughts out in a safe place, and  really understate the mental state that I’m in.

When it comes to your own mental wellness, its important find something that relieves you and figure out how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

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