How to Live Your Best Single Life


If there’s anything that I’ve truly embraced this past year it’s being single. Especially at a time when love is so profitable. Like monetary profit. I’m talking couple YouTube channels and #relationshipgoals profit. It seems like people get so stuck on either wanting to be in a relationship, watching other people in relationships or finding themselves in some sort of situation-ship that they never really embrace all of the opportunities that come along with being single.

I know because for years I was one of those people. I never stayed single for long and when I was single I was just entertaining the idea of being with the next person. The last relationship that I was in lasted for 3 years, and towards the end of it I was longing for a freedom that I couldn’t get from being in a relationship. I wanted to experience what it’s like to really be on my own.

Now if you’re in a relationship already and you’re happy, that’s amazing! But for the single women out there I want to remind you that you can be just as happy or happier on your own. This is the time to be selfish and go after what you want.

How to Live Your Best Single Life

Live Alone

If you aren’t already doing this, go for it! When you’re single it’s a great time to build yourself up and live on your own. Living alone can be difficult but testing your ability to survive on your own is something that will make you stronger and more self sufficient in the long run. And you’ll learn to embrace the solitude that comes with it. Realistically, it may take some time for that to happen but once it does you’ll be so happy to have your own space and freedom.

Quit Your Job

This might sound crazy to some people, but if you only have one mouth to feed do something big for yourself for a change. If you don’t like your job or the direction that your life is heading then this is the perfect time to start over, because you have no attachments to anyone. Quit your job and start a whole new career path or even build your own business. Or just take a vacation. It’s your life and you’re in charge!

Travel the World

It’s so much easier to get up and go when you only have to worry about yourself. Whether you decide to go solo or with a friend, make time to explore. Go to another country. Experience different cultures. Learn a new language. You find out so much about yourself when you’re put in a new environment and you step outside your comfort zone.

Take Yourself On Dates

Remember when you had to have “me time” to get away from your significant other and feel like yourself again? Well now you have all the me time in the world. So take advantage of it. A lot of times it’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship and forget about all of the things you love to do on your own. Use this time to discover old passions and embrace new ones.

Reflect on Your Past Relationships

After a break up you probably don’t want to spend your time thinking about your ex, but it might actually help you move on faster. I know it’ll definitely help you in any future relationships. And I’m not talking about reflecting on the good times. What you should do is take time to reflect on what went wrong on both sides of the relationship and figure out how to deal with those issues or avoid them in the future. You have to learn from history or else it’s bound to repeat itself.

Be Selective, but Open

When you’re ready to date again make sure to be selective and focus on qualities that are important for you to have in a partner. You want to avoid making old mistakes and missing red flags that your more naive self did in the past. At the same time, you should still be open to new ideas of what you might want in a partner that you’ve never thought about before. And be willing to play the field until you find someone amazing for you.

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