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I’m Jazmin Salym!


I’m a digital creator, entrepreneur, and a lover of balanced wellness. I make content to help you flourish in creating a healthy lifestyle that’s sustatainable. I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a fan of:

  • living a healthy life of balance over obsession
  • intentional movement and less food restriction
  • showing gratitude and finding joy in every day things

not your average backstory…

It feels like I’m just getting started but if we back up a little bit to 2017, I was all about making gains in the gym. Constantly looking to change my body to be something that it wasn’t in order to get the approval from others that I thought I needed to feel confident in my skin.

I worked hard, created this blog in 2018 to document my weight gain progress, and helped others reach the same goal. But even after I reached my body goal and was rid of my old insecurities, I simply found new ones to replace them. Crazy right?

Well it took me taking a 3 month break from social media (I went cold turkey), journaling, and spending time with myself to realize that all of those insecurities I had started to disappear. I was no longer trying to fit an image that other people wanted from me.

I stopped overeating, I stopped overexercising, and I just enjoyed life and my body for all of the things it can do rather than what it looked like.

And since then, what started out as a simple fitness blog has evolved into diverse topics of health. Low impact workouts, plant based meal inspo, productivity, self-care, and more.

Because at the end of the day, a perfect body won’t bring you happiness. A changed mindset will.

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new girl & cable girls

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☉ aries



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almond milk vanilla latte with caramel drizzle


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forever ON REPEAT

wiped out album – the neighborhood

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heartless by marissa meyer

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