Get Sexy Toned Arms With This Quick 10 Minute Workout

Want sexy toned arms but don’t have time to workout? When people tell me they don’t have time to workout I laugh. Not because I think they’re not telling the truth, but because they don’t understand that a workout doesn’t have to be an hour long to be effective. Something is always better than nothing.

I love doing 10 minute and 20 minute workouts when I know I have a very busy schedule. It feels good to know that I’m still taking some time to work on my body and health without interfering with any other tasks that I have to accomplish.

Looking back I definitely used to spend an unnecessary amount of time working out, when I could get similar results in less time. Even if you don’t have a busy schedule, a 10 minute workout is great when you don’t feel like working out but you still feel like you should move your body.

Take a look at this weeks 10 Minute Toned Arm Workout video where you can follow along with me and we can strengthen and tone our arms together.

Key Things to Remember with This 10 Minute Arm Workout:

  • This workout does require 2 dumbbells. Use a weight that you’re comfortable with, no more than 10 pounds.
  • Becuase this workout is only 10 minutes long, feel free to do 2 or 3 rounds to increase the intensity.


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