I’m back! A New Chapter

It feels weird coming back here. Almost like coming home after a long vacation. I feel both relieved and inspired. Especially because the past couple of years have been a rollercoaster for me when it comes to blogging, social media, and life in general.

So what happened? Why’d I disappear?

To tell my story, I’d have to go back to the beginning. 2020. Yes, the year that was terrible for many different reasons. Besides the obvious COVID issue, it was also a hard year for my blogging career. When I first started my blog in 2018, Pinterest was the end all be all if you wanted to grow exponentially. So I did everything I could to make that happen.

And it worked.

By the end of 2019 I was on a trajectory to going fulltime with the blog. Working with brands, growing my Pinterest and YouTube channel, and getting approved for a major Ad network. But something about 2020: The year was a mess.

During that year, Pinterest decided to change their algorithm. They decided to move in the direction that Facebook and Instagram moved in a few years earlier. Essentially, you have to pay to play. Social platforms like these want you to stay on their site, not go to someone else’s. So for bloggers like myself, many of us lost nearly 90% of our blog traffic because our blog pins were no longer being promoted.

If that wasn’t enough, Pinterest also introduced video pins and story pins. Similar to Instagram stories and TikTok videos, this type of content is created to keep users engaged and consistently scrolling within the platform. And with users rarely leaving the platform to look at blog posts, this also caused a huge hit to a lot of smaller bloggers like myself.

No matter how much I posted or spoke with Pinterest staff nothing changed. And that sums up 2020.

By the time this year rolled around, I was over trying. I decided I needed to rethink my situation. Yes it sucked, but instead of being mad about it why not use it as a learning opportunity? Not only that, why not use it as an opportunity to think about what I really wanted? The direction I wanted this blog to go. I mean, it’s not called Finding Uphoria for nothing. It was meant to evolve and be everchanging.

So that’s what I did.

I took time off from writing. I only wrote one post in the past 6 months. I took time off social media. I deleted my accounts. And after months of going back and forth trying to figure out what to do with the blog ,I finally thought to myself: it doesn’t matter what happened.

Truly. All that matter’s what I choose to do now. And the reality is, I love blogging. It’s the one little space on the internet I have that’s completely my own.

I’m the one that chooses what happens here.

And since I’m making a comeback I’m going all out. A new blog design and a new direction. Sharing more of what I love: more lifestyle, more food, more travel, and more fun. To anyone who stuck around to read all of this, thanks your for support. It means the world. See ya later!

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