Where to Get Cute and Affordable Yoga Workout Clothes

I’m excited to say I love getting new workout clothes. Especially workout clothes that are affordable, comfortable, and cute. It’s my belief that clothing holds value and makes a statement. Why should your workout clothes be any different?

Whenever I’m wearing clothing that I love and feel confident in, I actually enjoy my workouts much more. 

 But the key to finding good workout clothes is making sure that they pass all of the real wear tests. Because what’s the point of a cute sports bra or leggings if they’re not functional in a real world setting. The last thing you need is your chest not feeling secure or your underwear showing when you squat.

So when trying out new active wear it’s best to make sure you look for and/or test for these things before you decide to keep them:

  • sweat wicking/moisture wicking fabric (helps the sweat disperse and evaporate)
  • meets your necessary support level for sports bras (I go for medium support)
  • squat proof leggings or shorts that aren’t see through
  • no camel toe
  • shorts that don’t rise up with movement

In general you want to look for workout clothes that stay in place while you move around, yet are still comfortable and cute.

But let’s be real, sometimes it can be hard to find all of these qualities without paying extra for it. That’s why it’s great when I find affordable active wear brands I like and can keep coming back to. 

Where to Get Cute and Affordable Yoga Workout Clothes

(This post contains links to gifted products that I truly recommend, at no extra costs to you, if you decide you’re interested in anything mentioned. Feel free to check out the disclosure for more info.)

When I found about Musesonly I was a little skeptical. I loved the look of their workout clothes but I didn’t know if they would meet all of my expectations. Luckily my worries were for nothing. They’ve become one of my favorite affordable yoga and workout clothing brands to wear.

Here are a few reasons why I wear Musesonly:

Wearing Musesonly Genga Cross Short Sleeve in Jasmine Green and Taurus Shorts in Black.


I’m a simple girl when it comes to clothes and style. I’m not a fan of super bright colors or extra designs so I love that Musesonly has a wide range of solid colors that are slightly muted and easy on the eyes. With that being said, they do have clothes with designs too if that’s your thing. The tops and bottoms are super easy to mix and match and their white (and sometimes red) logo is relatively small which I always appreciate. 

One of the best things about their clothes is that you can actually wear them with your regular outfits. I often wear their tank tops as shirts because I love the material and they come with a built in bra. I even wore their Genga Cross Short Sleeve top with my Levi jeans and some sneakers to match and got a ton of compliments on the outfit.

Wearing Musesonly Quartet Sports Bra in White and Summer Echo Shorts II in Light Verdue.


To me, quality is way more important than quantity. No matter the cost. I would rather purchase one quality piece of clothing that lasts for years than multiple pieces of clothing that don’t last me more than a season. The quality of these workout clothes is comparable to larger brands like Lululemon. Which is great because I can have the same quality for a portion of the price. The fabric is super soft and so comfortable that sometimes I even wear them to bed.

I’ve never had an issue with shrinking or discoloration. I do make sure to either hand wash them like the garments say, or machine wash cold and tumble dry low. I tend to break the rules a bit, but after 6 months of wear my clothing still looks good as new. Full disclaimer, I have had an issue with the Taurus Shorts rising so I probably wouldn’t do any leg workouts in them. But because I like them so much I still wear them to do yoga or just relax.

Wearing Musesonly Floriography Balsam Sports Bra and Nostalgia Leggings in Caramel Red.


This is one area that’s hard to beat. A lot of fitness brands that I love like Nike and Adidas are just a little too expensive for me to buy often, but with Musesonly it’s easy to find tops and bottoms within a $20 – $40 range. A lot of their most popular items are often on sale like the On the Fly Tank or the Summer Echo Shorts II. That’s why I keep coming back for more. 

If you’ve been looking for some affordable yoga or workout clothing then I definitely recommend giving Musesonly a try. You can use the code Jazmin 10 for 10% off. They only do free express shipping for orders over $25, so keep in mind that your order has to be at least $25 for it to ship. They’ve consistently met my expectations when it comes to the simplicity of their style, passing my quality tests, and being a brand that I can rely on for being affordable. Click HERE to check out their new arrivals today.


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