Notion Tour | How I’m Organizing My Life in 2022

Let’s be honest, I am a Notion noob. But the first time I saw someone else using it I immediately saw the potential it had it my life. So as expected I did a crazy ton of research about this digital productivity tool. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it is everything I need in one workspace.

At the beginning of 2021 I had every intention of blogging consistently, keeping up with my YouTube channel, and going on little adventures. But I didn’t. And it wasn’t because I couldn’t. But because I didn’t have proper tools and systems in place to help me get there.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. Your goal is your desired outcome. Your system is the collection of daily habits that will get you there.”

James Clear

It didn’t matter how many goals I had or how strong my intentions were. Because I didn’t have any systems in place to help me get there, I might as well have been throwing darts at a target with a blindfold on. Over the years I’ve tried so many different types of apps, planners, and physical journals. But Notion is the only tool that really meets me where I am.

Bullet journaling came close because it had everything I needed in one place. But the problem with it was that I didn’t use it. I created the perfect setup for me to use each month. And each month the journal was more or less empty. Either I’d forget to write in the tasks or events I had coming up or I’d forget to update them.

Also I couldn’t easily move tasks around, at least not in an aesthetic way. And all it all it just felt like a waste of time and effort creating a new spread each month that I didn’t use.

And so, Notion has become my planner, my to do list, habit tracker, journal, and more. I could not be more excited to use this tool to organize the next year of my life as I was in dire need of some type of structured system to help me complete tasks and reach my goals. Not to mention create some peace of mind.

So here’s a successful year of systems and habits. And don’t worry, if you don’t have time to watch the video I’ve explained all of my favorite Notion pages down below!

Life Hub

Ah! This is my home base and my favorite page to look at. It is my go to in order to get quick access to the rest of my notion pages. I also keep my daily habits list here that I like to check off throughout the day and clear out before I go to bed so that it’ll be ready for the next day.

I used to care about keeping a record or archive of my daily habits. But I realized that I don’t ever feel the need to look back on the simple habits that I should be doing everyday. As long as I continue to mark them off as I go through my day, looking at my completed list is enough motivation for me to keep up with the habits I have in place.

I also keep a couple of positive quotes on the life hub to make me feel good every time I open Notion, along with a few pictures that spark joy, what I’m currently reading and watching, and a bar graph that shows how much time is in the week, month, and year. And lastly I have a YouTube video with some feel good lofi music that I play whenever I’m doing some work.


I started keeping a digital journal a few months ago but I haven’t quite found one that I love. I still own a physical journal but I prefer to use that as more of a place to write a couple of pages of free flowing thoughts at one time.

The journal I keep in Notion is my gratitude journal and my own digital version of the 5 minute journal. I prefer to use this as opposed to the 5 minute journal app because I can customize it how I want.

All of my journal entries have a title that sums up the day along with the mood I was in. I also have another lofi music Youtube that I can listen to while I write.

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Getting Things Done

This is my end all be all to-do list / planner and I’m obsessed. I’ve always hated any type of planner mainly because I’m more of a to do list type of person. But what I love about the getting things done method, created by Thomas Frank, is that I can easily organize my to do list like a planner and vis versa.

I keep a calendar at the top of the page so I can easily reference today’s date. And then I have all of my tasks split up into different sections based on: all incoming tasks that haven’t assigned a date, top priority tasks aka tasks I need to do today, tasks that have to be done within the next week, and upcoming or future tasks, and of course completed tasks.

This system has made it so much easier and so much more rewarding to keep track of all the things I have to schedule and do. And when I say all I really mean all.

Content Map

So I can’t take credit for this page but it has been so helpful for someone like me who’s so used to just thinking of a video one day and then immediately trying to film it because I have no other ideas.

This template created by Jules Acree is what I use to plan out all my social media content. Blog posts, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube. All of it goes here. And for each video or post idea I have, there’s an entire checklist to follow to make sure I’ve done everything I needed before going live with any new content.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been slacking on my reading. But I really want to be more consistent in 2022. Which is why not only is “read” one of my new daily habits, but I’ve also created a library to keep track of all of the books I’ve read and all of the books that I want to read.

This is just something to help me stay on track with my reading goals.


This year I want to try something different. I’ve never had a recipe book but I always though it was something interesting to have. I’m always looking for new recipes to cook, but usually I just save them to my Pinterest board or I bookmark them in Safari depending on where I found the recipe. But it will nice to have a place where I can easily access all of the recipe’s I’ve tried or want to try.

This would have been great to have a couple of summers ago when I started making strawberry and peach crumbles every week and struggle to remember where I found the recipe. Well no more of that. This recipe page has a picture of each recipe, the difficulty of the recipe and the link to the recipe and ingredients so I don’t have to write the whole thing down.

Do you use Notion? If so let me know how you like to use it. There’s definitely no wrong answer.

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