Step It Up Leg Circuit

Here we go again! Another 30 minute leg workout in the books for all of my busy ladies. This workout is going to be a circuit. That means, you will need to complete all of the exercises back to back before resting at the end of the last exercise. Complete the circuit as many times as you can within the 30 minute time frame. Be prepared for a quick burn!

Step it Up Leg Circuit


Required Equipment

  • Step, stair, or short bench


How to Perform Each Exercise


1. Glute Kickbacks

Start standing in front of the step. Place one foot onto the step and then lift the opposite leg up and kick back behind you. Place both feet back on the ground in front of the step.

Complete 8 reps for each leg.

2. Forward Lunge

Start with both feet in front of the step. Leave about 1 – 2 feet of distance between you and the step. Lift one leg and place that foot on the step. Next, bend both of your knees until both legs are at 90 degree angles. Take your foot off the step and come back to starting position.

Complete 8 reps for each leg.

3. Box Squats

These are simply jump squats that you do onto a higher surface. In this case, you’ll be using the step. Start by standing in front of the step. Squat down, then jump up and forward to land on the step while staying in a squat position. Lastly, jump back down and finish in starting position.

4. Ice Skaters (optional)

These are fun to do, but can only be done if you have a low single step, bench, or box. You’ll see in the video demonstration as to why that is. Here you’re going to standing in the middle of the step. Starting with your left leg, step on the ground to the left side of the step. Now use your right leg to slightly squat down and jump up. As you jump up, transition your left leg onto the middle of the step where your right leg was and your right leg onto the ground to the right of the step. Continue to move back and forth in this pattern.

Complete 8 reps for each leg.

5. Jumping Lunges

Start by facing away from the step with around 1 – 2 feet of space in between. Put one foot back on top of the step making sure to only have the ball of your foot on the step. Now you’re going to bend your knees into a lunge. Remember to bend at 90 degree angles. Using the leg that’s forward, drive your foot into the ground and jump up making sure that your back foot stays connected to the step.

Complete the jump 8 times on each leg.

If these instructions aren’t enough, I’ve included a video demonstration of each exercise below!


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