The Best Affordable Amazon Workout Equipment

On a global status, we’ve been spending more time at home than we have in a long time. Major adjustments have been made as we find new ways to do all of the things we used to do without having to step foot outside our homes.

This includes working out.

And sure, there are plenty of people who were working out at home way before we pretty much had no other option. But now that we’re all in the same boat, it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra workout equipment in the house.

I was absolutely at a loss on what to do when all of the gyms shut down because I barely had any workout equipment. Dumbbells were selling out in stores and online faster than I could click purchase.

Well now that things have calmed down a bit I can finally use my go to online shopping site aka Amazon to grab some much needed workout equipment.

And seeing as money is tight these days, I thought it best to round up the most useful exercise equipment that I can use at home without spending all of my coin.

Here are the best affordable Amazon finds you can add to your workouts:

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1. A good set of dumbbells is a great place to start when you’re switching to training at home.

Resistance training doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve been using 10lb dumbbells for all types of upper and lower body workouts.


2. Bands are always a great addition to use as part of a warm up or or finisher.

I love using short woven bands to warm up my glutes. Plus using long bands towards the end of my upper body workouts give my muscles a little extra pump.

Bands are great because unlike weights the resistance with bands increases the more you pull them.


3. Kettlebells are great for doing functional movements.

If you want to be able to level up your functional movements and add a little challenge to your glute and hamstrings, I highly recommend getting a kettlebell. It doesn’t have to be heavy either.

You can do all of the same exercises with a kettlebell as you can with a dumbbell. Along with a few kettlebell exclusive moves. Kettlebells swings and snatches are great for growing your glute and strengthening your core and arms.

I’m going to be honest, I couldn’t find any great quality kettlebells on Amazon. Even though the ones that they do have are affordable. I’m going to recommend these Target kettlebells instead. But that’s our little secret.

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4. Jump Ropes are like gold when it comes to cardio.

I was never a fan of cardio. I always thought it was boring and I hate using cardio machines. But jump ropes changed all of that for me. I can skip anywhere, even in the house, something you can’t do with running unless you have an expensive treadmill.

It’s all a great form of cardio. I typically get my heart rate between 150 – 170 bpm while sweat pores down my forehead like rain. And even with all of that work, it’s still super fun and challenging. I love learning new tricks which motivates me to keep going.

Did I mention that you can find really good speed ropes for cheap? I’m looking forward to upgrading to a weighted speed rope in the future.


5. Invest in a foam roller if your muscles are frequently sore from your workouts.

There are plenty of days where I get super excited to try a new exercise or I go really hard in my workouts. The result? Sore muscles a couple of days later.

It’s normal for this to happen when you do exercises that you’re body isn’t accustomed to. Or when you go too hard. Either way, having sore muscles could make it difficult for you to continue your workouts for the week.

The best thing you could do for your muscles is rest and use a foam roller. They’re very affordable and they help to give your tight muscles a nice massage. I love use a foam roller before and after my leg days.


6. Exercise puzzle mats are great if you need a soft sturdy surface that’s larger than a yoga mat.

I didn’t realize how much I needed these puzzle mats in my life until I got them. My current “home gym” is in a spare bedroom that’s carpeted. Not that there’s anything wrong with carpet but it’s too soft for my workouts and surface isn’t very flat.

Exercise mats are thicker and larger than yoga mats, which gives me more variety in my movements. Plus it’s nice not the have to have one foot on a yoga mat and one foot on the carpet.

They’re great for hardwood floors as well too. Especially if you need a softer surface to do floor exercises. I will say the do have a tendency to slide on hardwood floors if they aren’t anchored.

7. A good set of over the ear headphones are essential for tuning out and zoning it.

I don’t know about you but my airpods always seem to fall out whenever I’m doing any type of HIIT or cardio. As much as I love the small package they come in, I really can’t beat having large over the ear headphones instead when it comes to jumping around.

So of course I highly recommend some bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. The size of them scream, “Don’t bother me, I’m working out.”

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